How to Spot Fake Hotel Reviews

Online reviews sometimes can be fake. Its very difficult to know the authenticity of the reviews found online. Before buying or trying something, we check for the reviews first and then decide whether to buy or not. If you are travelling and want to book a hotel, you can check whether the given user review for any hotel is real or fake by using Review Skeptic online tool.

Review Skeptic Tool

Review Skeptic is an online tool which can spot fake hotel reviews with 90 percent accuracy. This tool is developed by researchers at Cornell University. It works by analyzing words used in the reviews by using an algorithm which spots the deceptive words present in the reviews.

To use this tool, just copy and paste the review you want to check and click ‘Test It’. We tested with an example hotel review and it gave us the result as ‘Truthful’.

Review Skeptic Tool TestIf you think the review is true or fake, you can help this tool improve its accuracy by marking the review as real or fake.

Note: This tool only works on hotel reviews.

via Lifehacker

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