Top 5 Color Picker Addons for Mozilla Firefox

A color picker tool is a must have for web designers and developers. A color picker is generally used to choose colors or create color schemes. We tested some of the color picker addons for Mozilla Firefox and here is our list of top 5 color picker addons.




ColorZilla tops the list with some kickass features like, advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator and many more. It helps you get value of color both in HEX as well as in RGB format from any point or pixel in your browser. It also features built-in palette browser which allows user to choose colors from predefined color sets or saving them in custom palettes.



Download ColorZilla



This is very simple and easy to use color picker. It finds the exact color code (HEX and RGB) of any pixel displayed on any webpage. It displays the color codes in panel, letting user to copy either the HEX or RGB code by pressing escape key.


Download ColorPicker


Rainbow Color Tools

Rainbow Color Tools is full-feature packed color picking tool. It has some really cool features like, analyzer which lets you extract color schemes from any webpage, picker which lets you pick HEX, RGB as well as HSV color values, an inspector which allows you to pick color of any pixel on browser on click (you can also save the color by right clicking) and a library to browse saved color or the url of the page where the color was found, allows you to sort by hue, date saved and other fields.



Download Rainbow Color Tools


Pick That Color

This is the simple, super lightweight and easy to use color picker addon available. It allows you to copy HEX color code of any pixel that is displayed in your browser to clipboard. All you have to do is – click on the color wheel button near your address bar or press ‘Ctrl + Shift + Z’ to open the color picker. Then, just select the color pixel you want to know the HEX code of by moving cursor and click to copy the HEX code.


Download Pick That Color


Sharp Color Picker

The Sharp Color Picker is also a full-featured color picker and editor which allows you to pick and edit color as HEX, RGB or as HSV. It also has color wheel, panel and color palette to analyze and display colors.


Download Sharp Color Picker

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