Night Mode on Mozilla Firefox

If you surf internet on computer at night by turning off the lights in your room, the brightness of computer screen may sometimes cause discomfort to your eyes. However, you can adjust the brightness of screen manually via monitor settings or system software, but you may not always need a system wide solution or prefer the one that gives you the control over how the contents are displayed.

If you use Mozilla Firefox web browser, we have a Night Mode addon for you!

Simple Night Mode is an addon or plugin for Mozilla Firefox web browser, which lets you dim or turn any webpage/website into black, white and gray color, making the page readable and less stressful on your eyes if you are surfing internet in dark lit room.

How to activate the Night Mode on Mozilla Firefox

Download & Install Simple Night Mode from here.

After installing, open a website in a browser window and right click anywhere on webpage and select ‘Night Mode On’ option from the context menu.




After clicking ‘Night Mode On’ option, the webpage will be converted to dark themed webpage.




To turn off the night mode, select ‘Night Mode Off’ from context menu (right click).



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