Apart from my professional work, I also work on my personal open source projects and also contribute to open source community. Below is the list of my open source projects and contributions.

Animouse | Control mouse pointer with your head!

Animouse is a free, open source and non-profit software project which allow user to control computer cursor by the movement of face/head.

Mozilla Firefox Addons

Created 10 different social and system utility add-ons for Mozilla Firefox browser. Pick That Color, Aniverto, InstagramSpot, Right Click DuckDuckGo, Default Responsive Design View, Search This On, Shortcut about:debugging, Right Click-about:permission, Simple Night Mode and Whois it. My addons have been downloaded 100,000+ times via Mozilla's addons gallery and has 10,000+ active users currently.

JSON Watch Face for Android Wear

JSON Watch face interprets time as JSON code snippet with fields displaying current Time, Date and Day! Also changes watch background color every second using Time as RGB Hex Color Code! Simple Design, Optimized for Ambient Mode, Supports Burn-In Protection in Ambient Mode, Free.
Compatible with: Asus ZenWatch, Asus ZenWatch 2, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen), Sony Smartwatch 3.

Google Chrome Extensions

Created 4 different social and system utility extensions for Google Chrome, Right Click DuckDuckGo, Search on Encrypted Google, QrFly: Colorful QR Code & Simple Night Mode.

Opera Web Browser Extensions

Created 3 different social and system utility extensions for Opera Web Browser, Urban Dictionary Search, Search on Encrypted Google and Simple Night Mode, with over 2000+ active users.

Eco Screensaver - World's first web based eco-friendly screensaver

I've been fascinated by how a mere color of a pixel in monitors can affect the power consumption! As we all know that LED and OLED monitors are energy efficient i.e each pixel on an OLED screen contains a set of tiny LEDs that emits light in proportion to the current color of that pixel. Meaning, if the color is black, no light is emitted and the pixel is completely off, thus saving some energy here. Inspired by same principle, I have created 'Eco Screensaver', which displays black, dark or white pixeled screen instantly as a screen saver in your browser.

Minion Chats - Minion Language Translator

Minion Chats: A Minion language translator. Translates english language to minion language and vice-versa.


Codetyper - Clone of hackertyper with some added features such as change background color, select code type!

I10n Localization of VLC Media Player to Marathi Language

I am a team member at VLC Media Player localizing team. Localized VLC Media Player to Marathi language.

Wikipedia Software Member

Active contributor to this project.


AWS Certified Developer

Amazon Web Services, License AWS-ADEV-3193

Updated on: 11-December-2016