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Join me in improving and maintaining this project.


Animouse is free, open source and non-profit project.

Here are some of the ways to contribute.


Contributing the code

If you are good at programming and OpenCV, Image Processing or Human Computer Interaction interests you, then Animouse need you!

You can contribute to the codebase of Animouse by writing code, I will release the source code soon, just follow these steps:

If you are on Github then you can follow me at

Have trouble understanding Github? Find detailed help here - Github Help.

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You can also help by promoting this Animouse project by reviewing or sharing with your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or blogs.



Documentation: Improving Documentation, Translating Documentation, Video Tutorial, etc.

Cross-Platform: Porting Animouse to Linux and/or Mac

If interested contact: contact[at] or fill the form here.



I'd like to thanks vaibhav laddha and rahul thakre for testing out the application.

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