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Animouse is a free, open source and non-profit software project which allow user to control computer cursor by the movement of face/head. It makes use of webcam to track down movements or motions made by user's head. Suppose the user moves his head in right direction, the cursor move towards right, and if the user moves his head up, the cursor moves up, and so on. Click operations are performed if user holds the cursor at intended position on desktop screen, for user specified time (e.g. 1 sec).

The main purpose of this project is to help physically disabled users to control computer. Also other users can use this as an alternative way of communicating with the computer.

This was my graduation research project! (BE-Computer Engineering-2012-Pune University)

Why Animouse?


In recent years we have seen great improvement in technology and development. Computer’s ability to do powerful calculations has extended the range of human’s observation. We humans have found many ways to interact with computer like keyboard for entering data, mouse to move pointer (cursor) for selecting, joystick for machine navigation (interactions) and many more. But the disabled people are unable to interact with computer using traditional devices like mouse. This software allows user to control computer mouse just by making head motions.



Animouse works as a mouse replacement system for Windows computers so it should work with just about any application program. For example people may use it with entertainment programs, playing interactive games, surfing internet etc. User will use only the head/face motion to control computer cursor and initiate clicks. The application consists of GUI with start/stop buttons. When the user clicks on start button, the webcam will start capturing the live video and the algorithm will detect face in the video. After the face is detected, a classifier will be drawn around the face And as the face moves the cursor will also move accordingly. The GUI also consists of always on top window form with several buttons on it like Single click, Double Click, Right Click etc. User will select one of these operations by moving the cursor on one of the buttons. By default, single click is activated, now user is free to move cursor anywhere on desktop by using head motion and if user stops at particular point on screen for specific time then single click will be done. Now say a user want to execute a file with double click then the user will move the cursor on screen using head motion to taskbar button named ‘ Double Click’ since single click is activated, so when user holds the cursor on double click button for specific time ‘Double click’ will be activated and now single click will be deactivated. Double-click will be activated until user stops the head movement at a point for particular time. After double click again single click will be activated. But what if user wants to move freely without any clicks on desktop? For that taskbar will have ‘No-Click’ button which will enable user to move freely without clicks on desktop.

Minimum System Requirements


Animouse is a free and open-source software. Go to the Download page to download it!


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